Top Investment Opportunity: Lake View Studios and Apartments in Kotu The Gambia

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Enjoy all that nature has to offer at our newest apartment complex in Kotu! Life begins at LAKE VIEW! Surrounded by nature and faces the Atlantic Ocean along with spectacular lake views. The beautiful landscape is filled with Palm trees which creates an environment of fresh air for healthy living!

Whether you are looking for a residential or investment property, LAKE VIEW is the ultimate option. Now is your chance to own an apartment at a strategic location which will be a worthwhile investment with high-yield returns. So if you missed out on past developments, be sure to get on board now!

LAKE VIEW offers studio, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartment units. The complex comprises 178 units of which 12 are Studio, 79 of 1-bedrooms, 75 of 2-bedrooms and 12 of 3-bedroom units. These apartments are spacious starting at 65 m2 for the one-bedroom and 103 m2 for the two-bedroom units.

Prices for the studio are starting at €64,300 for the studio, 1-bedroom units are €68,300,
2-bedrooms are €119,000 & 3-bedrooms €190,500.
A deposit of 20% is required and the balance is to be paid in 36 months.
Estimated project completion is December 2026.
Construction starts in January 2024.